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Don't listen to the 4S shop and then flicker, these kinds of car parts do not need to replace the original factory


Don't listen to the 4S shop and then flicker, these kinds of car parts do not need to replace the original factory

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  It is seen that in recent years, our living standards have also improved a lot, so it is more and more common for us to know that cars are assembled from thousands of parts. If any of these parts is wrong, it is likely to cause harm to the car body, although most car owners will love their car when they are driving. Many car owners regularly go to the 4s store for maintenance when they are driving normally. I am afraid that there will be problems with the parts of the car, but I must pay more attention to him when I go to the maintenance, because some people do not need to replace the original factory. At this time in the store may have been asking you to replace the original factory, so today I want to bring you the article, that is, don't listen to the 4s shop, the car parts do not need to replace the original factory.
  First, the first one is the car wiper. Everyone knows that the life of the wiper blade is generally not too long. It will be replaced almost two years or three years or so, so many owners will choose to replace the original wiper. Many people think that the original wiper definitely lives. The president will be a little better, but in fact the wiper itself is a lossy part. It is not only a waste of money to buy the original factory, but also the same as other brands, so it is better to buy some brand wipers without buying it.
  The second one is all kinds of oil, brake oil, hydraulic oil, etc. These things are bought from other companies' products, and then on their own production cars. We are also able to buy these goods on the market. These original oils are basically the staff in the 4s store. After these oils are bought back, they can sell at a higher price and earn more profits. So many people who don’t understand this will think that the oil in the 4s store is the original one, so this time It will be slaughtered.
  Then the third one is the car battery. The original battery and engine oil are the same. Basically, they are bought and affixed to the original factory label. Most of the original car batteries are customized to achieve the original effect of camouflage. The quality of the large battery in the car battery is also It is much higher than some camouflage originals. It is normal to have a service life of one year or two years. Therefore, if our car battery does not work, we can consider changing the batteries of other independent manufacturers.
  The fourth is the brake pad. In many cases, we change the brake pads of the original factory. It is not guaranteed in the later stage. Everyone knows that as long as the brake pads are loaded onto the car, it is over. If there is any problem in the later stage, the manufacturer will not be responsible. Now many brands of brake pad manufacturers will give the car owners a guarantee and promise within one year or two years. If there is no problem in the short term, the manufacturer will replace you with a new one for free and will give the brakes. The disk will be repaired free of charge. If the brake disc is seriously damaged, it will be replaced free of charge. Therefore, if you go to Changsha to see you again, you should replace the brake pads of some big manufacturers.
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