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Industry News

Don't listen to the 4S shop and then flicker, these kinds of car parts do not need to replace the original factory
It is seen that in recent years, our living standards have also improved a lot, so it is more and more common for us to know that cars are assembled from thousands of parts. If any of these parts is wrong, it is likely to cause harm to the car body, although most car owners will love their car when they are driving. Many car owners regularly go to the 4s store for maintenance when they are driving normally. I am afraid that there will be problems with the parts of the car, but I must pay more attention to him when I go to the maintenance, because some people do not need to replace the original factory. At this time in the store may have been asking you to replace the original factory, so today I want to bring you the article, that is, don't listen to the 4s shop, the car parts do not need to replace the original factory.
Daily maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system
Failure of the engine's cooling system, such as frequent failures, will result in a decrease in the overall operating capacity of the engine and damage to other components of the engine. Therefore, we must do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system, and take corresponding measures when problems are discovered.
Improvement of automobile parts remanufacturable old parts recycling system to promote the development of automobile industry chain
The State Council recently promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of the Recycling of Waste Vehicles" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"). As an upgraded version of the current "Administrative Measures for the Recycling of Scrapped Vehicles", the "Measures" to be implemented on June 1, 2019 is a product that fits well with the times, especially in respect of the "five major assemblies" that are eligible for recycling. The regulations have a clear appeal to strengthen environmental protection and promote the development of circular economy. It is believed that the introduction of the "Measures" will bring green vitality to the development of China's automobile industry chain.
The 11th Shiyan Auto Parts Press Conference was held in Han
On the afternoon of May 9, the press conference of the Shiyan Investment Promotion Conference and the 11th China (Shiyan) Commercial Vehicles and Accessories Fair was held in Wuhan International Expo Center. A number of media reporters from the Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Provincial Convention and Exhibition Economic Promotion Association, Shangge Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Times Automobile attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the relevant leaders of the Shiyan International Exhibition Center.
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