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Daily maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system


Daily maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system

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  Failure of the engine's cooling system, such as frequent failures, will result in a decrease in the overall operating capacity of the engine and damage to other components of the engine. Therefore, we must do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system, and take corresponding measures when problems are discovered.
  Periodic inspection
  The sealing of the cooling system, the tightness of the fan drive belt, the operation of the water pump and the thermostat should be checked regularly according to the relevant regulations of the product.
  It's smart to check your coolant every week, especially if the weather is particularly hot or particularly cold. However, do not open the lid of the cooling system when the body is hot, otherwise you will be easily burnt.
  It is also a good way to keep the car's cooling system in front of a professional. During regular maintenance.if it is found that the coolant level continues to decrease significantly or the engine reaches the operating temperature (warm time) is shortened, check the system for leaks or abnormal temperature switch.
  Common misunderstandings:
  The cooling system does not have much effect, It can be added with water, and it is not necessary to check regularly.
  Correct opinion:
  If the engine is the core of the car, then the cooling system is the core "protection god", so that the engine can work stably at the right temperature, thus providing a constant source of power to the car. Therefore, once the cooling system fails, it will inevitably affect the overall operating conditions of the car, so it must be taken seriously.
  Daily use
  If the engine is overheated and the water tank is “opened”, it should be stopped and cooled down in time. At the same time, be careful not to turn off the fire immediately. Stop the car in a cool place, open the engine cover and let it idle for five to ten minutes to prevent the cylinder from being overheated. Wait for the engine to cool down before opening the radiator cover, loosening it loosely, and then adding the coolant after the internal hot air is released.
  The trace of cooling droplets under the vehicle is a precursor to the big problem of the cooling system, and should be observed at ordinary times. In addition, if the coolant in the water jacket leaks while the car is running, the water temperature of the water temperature meter will rise sharply.
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